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Saskia Brakenhoff, freelance writer

In 2019 I started my own business, working as a freelance writer and editor. Since then I have worked on SEO-based texts, books that handled topics of mental health, and scholarly work. You can find out more about my services here. In 2016 I got my master’s degree in psychology, focusing on technology and how people respond on that, both bodily and mentally.

I started writing a story about a black cat when I was eight. Only the main character could see it. It slowly killed all the people in the house, but no one believed that the cat was guilty. R. L. Stein was my first inspiration and I loved reading his books. That story never made it to page three, but who knows — I might just use that premise again, later.

Ever since I was a child I loved to read. Soon I finished the few children’s books my small-town library had to offer. The few books the school had met the same fate, and from there I tried again to write my own stories. I fell in love and never stopped.

My knowledge of psychology is a great help when crafting characters and dialogue. Creating character sheets and psychological profiles comes as a second nature. Most writers aren’t psychologists, while the knowledge is incredibly useful. I hope to share the basics of human development and social psychology with you so your characters will pop off the page, too.

My current goal is to publish my first book. It’s a historical fantasy set in the Viking era and is now in the beta-readers phase. In my spare time I spearhead an online writing group on Discord, do volunteer work using my freelance writer skills, and go to the gym.

Saskia Brakenhoff, freelance writer while she's not at work
Picture of Saskia on the rare occasion she’s not behind her laptop.

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