One Dutch Editor, One Nomad Writer

Madeline Pine

At thirteen, I wrote my first fanfic because I thought the story needed cooler women. Ever since, I haven’t stopped writing or advocating for diversity. We need more representation in books, and I’m doing my small part by writing awesome women, brilliant LGBT+ characters, and fabulous characters of color. Oh, and being a female civil engineer, but I wear many hats. I’m also an artist, a swag designer for best-selling authors, and my writing group’s strict line-editor.

Regarding line-edits, when I first started writing, I thought published authors naturally knew how to write. But it turns out we all struggle with things like pacing and dialogue. What’s a weak verb? How do you spot passive voice or craft a vivid world without boring readers to death? After red-penning for years, I’ve started this blog to share my tricks. So stick around, grab a pen, and let’s edit.

Twitter: @Madeline_Pine

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