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What is #BetaBash?

#BetaBash is a quarterly hashtag game on Twitter designed to pair beta-readers with authors. It lasts all day from midnight Pacific Standard Time to midnight the following day, which allows folks from all over the world to participate, and features questions and answers for readers and authors alike to answer. People can scroll through the comments/answers on the #BetaBash posts and find people they want to work with.

How Can I Join?

Participate! It’s that simple. If you see a #BetaBash post, comment on it with the question number, the hashtag, and your response. So if the question is “Q1: What do you want to see more of in books?” You might respond, “Q1: I’d love to see more queer MCs! #BetaBash”

If you want to be put on a list of #BetaBash folks, @ me on Twitter (@Madeline_Pine) and let me know, then I’ll add you to the list. This is not required to play, but it will help you meet more authors. Please note that protected accounts cannot be put on lists.

What Else Do Authors Need to Know for #BetaBash?

If you’re an author looking for beta-readers, please consider the following:

  • Consider signing up to read at least one person’s work. This helps make sure there’s enough readers for authors, but it’s okay if you can’t commit right now
  • Make sure when you answer author questions that basic info about your book is in your tweet, like “MG Fantasy, 50k: My book is almost ready to be published! Just looking for final reader reactions!” or “YA Scifi, 100k: My book is TREASURE PLANET x MULAN, except with queer rep and supportive parents.”
  • I’d advise you not to send your whole story right away to beta-readers. Just to be safe, send chunks at a time. This protects your story and will help you figure out if you like the beta-reader’s style.
  • Have a timeframe in mind you’d like beta-readers to get back to you for each section you send. Have some questions you want to ask beta-readers before and after they read. This will help you get the most out of your beta-readers!
  • Don’t forget to reach out to people! Be brave! The worse they can say is no, so don’t self-reject.

And Finally, What Do Beta-Readers Need to Know?

If you’re a reader, welcome to #BetaBash! You’re what makes this all possible. Here’s some tips for you to consider:

  • Don’t overload yourself! Be honest about how many stories or books you can commit to reading. There’s no shame in turning folks down (politely)
  • Think about how long of stories you like to enjoy and what stage of the process you want to be involved in. Are you someone who loves to help with first drafts? Or do you prefer nearly perfect tales? Think about it before you commit!
  • There will be questions for you to answer, too, like “Readers! What types of books or representation are you hoping to see more of in publishing?” or “Readers: What genres are you looking for?”
  • Have questions prepared for authors you want to work with, like “When do you want my notes back to you?” and “What sort of notes do you want? In-depth critiques? Or just general reader feelings?”

Thank you for being interested in #BetaBash! I’ll see you all on January 27th for the next round, and I hope you meet some wonderful new authors.

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