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About Us

Madeline Pine

At thirteen, I wrote my first fanfic because I thought the story needed cooler women. Ever since, I haven’t stopped writing or advocating for diversity. We need more representation in books, and I’m doing my small part by writing awesome women, brilliant LGBT+ characters, and fabulous characters of color. Oh, and being a female civil engineer, but I wear many hats. I’m also an artist, a swag designer for best-selling authors, and my writing group’s strict line-editor.

Regarding line-edits, when I first started writing, I thought published authors naturally knew how to write. But it turns out we all struggle with things like pacing and dialogue. What’s a weak verb? How do you spot passive voice or craft a vivid world without boring readers to death? After red-penning for years, I’ve started this blog to share my tricks. So stick around, grab a pen, and let’s edit.

Twitter: @Madeline_Pine

Saskia Brakenhoff

I started writing in sixth grade after reading the few books my school had to offer. I fell in love and never stopped. Today I’m a full-time writer and editor with a master’s degree in psychology. My knowledge of psychology is a great help when crafting characters and dialogue. During my edits, I often fact-check to ensure I help the author as best I can. Creating character sheets and psychological profiles comes as a second nature. Most writers aren’t psychologists, while the knowledge is incredibly useful. I hope to share the basics of human development and social psychology with you so your characters will pop off the page, too.

My current goal is to publish my Viking epic. We have a romanticized image of the past and ignore the violence and bloodshed that was commonplace back then. The world used to be a very different place, and now the world is changing again it’s important to remind ourselves of how the world as we know it came to be. As writers, we have the tools to shape the world. In my spare time I spearhead an online writing group on Discord. I also have my own editing firm over at


Twitter:  @wmalovesong1